Welcome to Battlestandard Miniatures and Games. We are a manufacturer of miniatures and rules for wargaming located in Atlanta Georgia USA. Battlestandard is dedicated to producing the highest quality miniatures and games for the wargaming community. All of our miniatures are conceived, researched, and sculpted by Jeff Stuckey. Most of the miniatures seen on this sight are painted by Jeff as well. The rules produced by Battlestandard are written by Jeff Stuckey and Paul Wyatt with the assistance, play testing and editing help of dozens of wargamers world-wide. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience with Battlestandard, please do not hesitate to let us know. A fan please feel free to join our online discussion group hosted by Yahoo!

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"Since I acquired the range from Jeff, we have released 12 new figures depicting various archers from around the empire. These archers represent typical Greek and Macedonian auxiliary troops, as well as some generic and tribal types" They will be coded as A-MAC-102-28.

Pictures of 40mm Macedonians and Greeks

I have finally gotten around to taking some pictures of the unpainted but mounted 40's. There is one painted figure. A officer used as a trophy for N.A.S.M.W. at Historicon. Link


Norman Command is Now Available

Jeff finished the Norman command, both infantry and mounted. The Norman catalog page is now updated.

BAR for $12.00

Because of the printing error, the new perfect bound copies are discounted from $20.00 to $12.00 until the copies are gone. After that, the rules will go back to the regular price.

Printing Error and Army List Download

Battlestandard Ancient Rules (BAR) is available in the new perfect bound format with a catch. The appendices...

Normans, Macs, and 40s! Oh My!

Check out our new 28mm Normans, Macedonian cavalry, and the 40mm Macedonians and Greeks.

Do not miss our new gallery full of new pictures showing off the Battlestandard miniatures and events featuring BAR and Infantry Aces.

Be sure to come by our booth at Historicon for demos of Battlestandard Ancient Rules (BAR) and the exciting new WW2 Skirmish game Infantry Aces. We believe you will find Infantry Aces to be one of the most fun games you have ever played.