About Battlestandard Miniatures and Games

Battlestandard is a company dedicated to producing the highest quality miniatures and games. We focus primarily on historical ranges but our interest is not limited to that alone. In the future, you will see many fantasy and sci-fi subjects make an appearance.

Battlestandard's miniature lines are all conceived and sculpted by Jeff Stuckey of Atlanta, Georgia USA. Outside of his work with Battlestandard, Jeff is a full time professional artist whose work can be seen in galleries, private collections and public collections world-wide.

Most, but not all, of the figures on this site were also painted by Jeff. He sculpts figures to be painted. There is a lot of surface area for painting and the figures are produced to appear at their best on a table top. To accomplish this, Jeff applies many artistic standards of perspective to the way the figures are sculpted. According to Jeff:

"Wargaming miniatures must be sculpted to a different standard than collector pieces. Their environment is on a table top where they will be looked down on from a distance of at least a few feet. This requires the sculptor to take that into consideration. For the most part a collector figure is sculpted to be seen at eye level and often very close. It is one of the ironies of miniatures is that collector figures generally look poor on the table top, even though they are beautiful when seen at eye level. On the table top, they often appear thin and washed out."

Battlestandard also produces a growing line of games for miniatures. Already in production is the successful Battlestandard Ancient Rules (BAR). These are being amended with army lists. The line of games is expanding next year with Infantry Aces - a game of WW2 skirmish combat - followed by a fantasy version of BAR and a new and innovative Napoleonic game. These games are the written by Jeff and his design partner, Paul Wyatt, with the help of gamers from around the world.