The following is a list of links we think are useful or interesting. Most are related to wargaming in all forms, research, conventions, or just because we think they are interesting. All links open in a new browser window.


Shameless Personal Promotion

Stuckey Art Jeff's primary job is as a fine art painter. Check out his paintings. He has paintings hanging in the Justice Department, in lawyers offices from coast-to-coast, and in many homes.


Historicon Historicon is the largest convention on the east coast. This convention is held in Lancaster, PA in July. Make a family vacation out of it. There is a lot to see and do in Lancaster. Ginger's favorite place to visit is the Amish Sanford and Son. Sponsored by HMGS East.
Cold Wars Spring convention, also in Lancaster, sponsored by HMGS East.
Fall In

Fall convention sponsored by HMGS East held in Gettysburg, PA. Go a day or two early and visit the battlefield.

NashCon HMGS Mid-South convention in Nashville, TN. This is an excellent convention.
Recon and Hurricon Both of these conventions are sponsored by HMGS South. Both cons are growing in attendance inspite of mother nature. The link takes you to the HMGS South home page where both cons are prominently linked.
Little Wars Little Wars is a growing convention sponsored by HMGS Midwest.
KublaCon This convention is one of the growing west coast conventions held near San Francisco. You can find all kinds of gaming at this convention.
Salute Salute is England's premier gaming event.
Wargame Central A wargame convention database. Click a date to see what's going on around the world.

Military History

Military History Online Lots of information about different periods in military history.

Wargaming In General

The Miniatures Page One stop shop for all kinds of information about the hobby. The forums are an excellent resource for all kinds of information about the hobby in general.
The Wargames Directory Another hobby resource primarily about table top gaming covering several period past, present, and future.
National Gamer's Guild A site devoted to many different kinds of gaming from cards to table top. Has a very good list of conventions.
The Wargamer A general gaming resource site but check out the list Games Sections and Sites link for lots of links to interesting sites.
Wargamer's Home Page Literally, links to wargamer's home pages. Lots and lots of links.