28 MM Miniatures

A few years back, after retiring from sculpting for a while, Jeff once again became heavily involved in 28mm ancient gaming. It quickly became apparent that there were many figure lines missing and that many of the ones available were not what he wanted. What is a sculptor do? He starts creating figures to play with, of course. Jeff's first 28mm figures are the popular Late Achaemanid Persians. The Persians were followed by Macedonians, Greeks, Normans, Saxons, and Byzantines (to be released later this year). Future plans for the ancients lines include Romans of all types, the horse peoples, the peoples of the deserts, and additional Dark Age warriors. Please let us know what you want like to see.

Battlestandard is planning a mammoth move into World War 2 (WW2) 28mm figures and vehicles. These will be produced and packaged for use with the great new game Battlestandard is releasing in 2006 called Infantry Aces. It is a fast and furious game of WW2 skirmish that is easily learned in 5 minutes but takes a life time to master. Keep an eye out for these releases as they appear in 2006.