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One thing Battlestandard is often accused of is having large horses. I have provided a size comparison here so that you, the gamer, can make that judgment for yourself. I am a real lover of horses and as such, I am very precise when it comes to their representation in miniature.

One thing that may make Battlestandard Horses seem large is that they are correctly proportioned. I do not mean that as an insult. I grew up around horses and I have a pretty good respect for the sheer size of a mature horse. A lot of time and research went into making sure the represented proportions of a horse from 2000 years ago was correctly shown when placed against a figure representing an average man from the same period. We used the most current archeological data on both horses and men. We did the size conversions for Roman sizes to English Imperial. The failure to correctly do this has led many gamers down the wrong path concerning the size of ancient peoples. A Roman foot is substantially less than an Imperial foot.

The truth, as we found out via the empirical data, is that horses used for the military were a little larger than most gamers think and that the average person was a little smaller. Since ancient times, relative sizes have gotten larger so the proportions have stayed relatively the same. The result is that the proportional appearance of a mounted modern horse is the same as the proportional appearance of a mounted ancient horse.

If you think about it this makes a lot of sense as horse were domesticated for use on farms and for riding; therefore, the horse needs to be a minimum size in order to withstand the stresses of such a life. As humans became a little bigger, we bred our horses to be a little bigger as well. Horses in ancient times had to be the same relative size because they had the same task, perhaps harder, than horses that would follow. A pony sized horse carrying a man the size of a Western European would not last long in the field nor pull a plow as effectively as a larger animal.

I plan a detailed published article in the future on this subject where I can show all of the data supporting this position. Suffice it to say that the vast majority of horse representations in the miniature gaming world are terribly off in size. Even with that being the case you will notice in the size comparison pictures that our horses are fully compatible with all other major ranges.

Jeff Stuckey

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Horses: A Size Comparison
Horse size comparisons

Figure Size Comparison
Infantry size comparisons

28mm ancient cav comparison

28mm ancient cav comparison

Thessalian cape and helmet #1

Thessalian cape and helmet #2