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Welcome to the home of Battlestandard Rules. From this location you can navigate our different rules products, learn more about them, join the Battlestandard discussion group, download army list, and errata.

Currently, Battlestandard Ancient Rules (BAR) is in full release and is entering its fourth printing. The most current printing is scheduled for release at Historicon 2005, 12 months after they were first introduced. This current printing is exactly the same as the previous editions except it now has a grayscale interior and the binding is perfect bound instead of spiral bound. It still has a beautiful color cover and the quality of the product is just as high. The demand is so high that we needed to produce the rules in a larger volume. In order to do this and keep the low $20.00 price, we needed to go to perfect binding and a black and white interior. All of the photography you find in the rules can be found in color on the site.

We are still working hard to produce the army lists for BAR. The rules come with six army lists but we have 60 new lists in development. Continuing our commitment to affordable wargaming, the plan is to provide these army lists as a free PDF download on this site. We also plan to make the lists available in an affordable printed form for your convenience as well since the full content of the army list will run more than 400 pages. The six new Byzantine lists will be posted here shortly after Historicon.

New Game: Infantry Aces

Keep your eyes open for the most exciting new game in a while. Battlestandard Miniatures and Games is in the final stages of development on a new World War 2 skirmish game called Infantry Aces. The only way to describe this game is fast, furious, and one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences you will ever have. The plan for Infantry Aces is to provide this game system as a complete product including rules, miniatures, vehicles, and expansions. These rules take about five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. During testing, we often have a hard time tearing ourselves away from Infantry Aces games to do much of anything else - so bear with us!


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